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Culture Coach Mia

I am an ALCHEMIST. I work with men and women to help them transform from who they thought they were, into who they are truly meant to be. I bring over 30 years of insight and wisdom to the powerful world of personal growth and spiritual expansion.

My background in transformational health and skills as a successful business owner, allow me to guide from a place of knowledge and experience in the 8 different areas of life including career, health, wealth, and relationships.

I am dedicated to leading you on your spiritual path into a deep understanding of your purpose and gifts so YOU can live life fully, wholly, and unapologetically.

"It truly opened a window for me"

“Thank you Mia for seeing my potential and my greatness when I couldn't. You turned the mirror around so I could see what you saw in ME!”


"If you want to unlock your amazing creative potential then you want to talk to Mia!"

“Your ability to see through my crap is refreshing AND hilarious. You have a gift for saying what no one else has said to me, in a way that makes me laugh. I love our time together.”


"Our work together has allowed me to see new possibilities"

“My next step was hiding in my blinders and you helped me take them off. Forever grateful...”

- China

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